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Hi There!

I am Pritish and yes, my last name is Panda. I am a User Experience Designer based in Dublin.


I Love to ask questions, which bothered many during my childhood, but now I am making a career out of it. Currently I am working as a User Experience Designer at Blueface, where I ideate, research, design, and test the products. I also love to talk about design and recently delivered talks at Huckletree , Dublin and Wework, Dublin. My main interest area lies in user research and solving business problems using design.



Libely is a project to ehnace the user experience in UCD Library using an app design leveraging modern technologies.


Wearable assistive technology to monitor anxiety among school children. 

Blueface Forms

UX Research on existing data input forms in Blueface and changes to improve the forms experience.


Improving the usability of Blueface Callflow page to enhance the user experience.

Google Home support for speech impaired users

Product research on using motion capture technology to convert sign language to text for Google home support.

study to measure digital reading experience

How screen orientation affect readers digital reading experience?

UCD School of Information and Communication launched a competition to decide new logo for their digital research skill course.


1. Empathy + User Research to understand the issue.


Focus groups


Ethnographic studies


Field Studies

2. Define the problem , define the KPI and create the user stories .

A well defined problem saves a lot of design time. Use story boards to clearly depict the different cases where your product will be used and how it will be used.

3. Design for different use cases and user stories.

Begin with pen and paper and draw the wireframes, as you get more confirmations, move ahead with high fidelity prototypes to testing phase.

4. Usability testing and iterate the design with feedback.

Think Aloud Testing

Click testing

Heuristic testing 

5. Monitor the KPI and iterate.

Google Heart Framework to measure the intended success of your design.


5. Don't skip your meals.

My mom says "Keep your brain hungry, not stomach".


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