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UCD Digital Research Skill Logo

My Role - Designer

University college of Dublin recently launched the digital research skill to  supports the development of digital research skills through embedding 6 original, interactive e-tutorials in the curricula of the BA and BSocSc degrees, focusing initially on the Information & Social Computing subject major, and delivered via the university’s VLE Blackboard. It has been generously supported by the 2017 UCD Learning through Research Seed Funding scheme and contributes to UCD’s overall strategic focus on digital capacity in higher education and curriculum enhancement initiative on embedding research in the undergraduate curriculum. Our research aim has been to explore students’ general attitudes to digital forms of learning and to use their experiences to enhance student learning in the online environment. Embedding Digital Research Skills focuses`on the undergraduate learning experience in the online context, a space where students increasingly find the tools and resources needed for their digital research. 

UCD conducted a competition to design a logo for the course

Problem Statement

Design a logo that encapsulates the mission of the course and clearly display the ethos of digital research.

Initial Research

To get an idea of existing design for the topics such as research and skills, I did some google search. Most of the search result showed a magnifying glass signifying search.

Since there are three aspects to this logo i.e. digital aspect, research aspect and skills aspect, there are not enough universal icons to depect skills.

As usually the logo around us are either an icon , letter, phrase or combination of icon and phrase, I decided to go with a combination of icon and phrase as there are no universal icon to illustrate topics such as research and skills.

Proposed Design

The term "Skill" is emphasized in the logo as the course emphasize on skills.

Color Scheme

# 3FAE47

# 018ACF

Both colors are primary colors in UCD logo, hence were perfect choice for the design.

Logo Reception

The logo was well received by our faculty members and currently in use, I won the competition and was given a Raspberry Pi micro-controller kit as award.

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