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Libely is an app to improve the library experience.

My Role - UX Researcher, Designer


I am an avid reader and I frequently used James Joyce Library, UCD during my Masters degree. Being a regular user of library services, I spotted several issues that greatly hamper the library experience. In this project, I tried to understand the issues deeply from other students point of view and come up with solution that can improve the library experience.

About the Library

Current Library Website



As I was a regular user of library services, I was well familiar with the bottlenecks in the existing infrastructure.


Primary research included survey and focus groups.

Secondary research included reviews from Google and other sites.


Designs were made keeping the feedback from the research phase.


As several new features were introduced several remote first click testing to ensure that the user are able to discover the feature and understand it  and moderated think aloud usability testing method to understand their experience while using the new app. 



2,000 printed question sheets, offering a short range of statements to rate, plus some free text comment opportunities, were distributed on desks around that library over a two day period. An online version of the form was also available, but usage of that was minimal. No prize or inducement was offered for completion of forms.

The very high 51% response rate, given no inducements were offered for completing the form.

Interview Feedback

I feel lazy to go to library and return the book, hence I incur lots of fine.

Some PCs are not working , need a better way to report such issues. This issue causes lots of problem during exam times when we need PC to study.

Library fills up very fast and I don't get a place to sit. It will be great if I can know somehow the status of library occupancy so that I will plan accordingly.

I forget my Student ID card most of the time thus cancel my plans to visit library as you need card to access the library, it will be great if we can have a digital version of that.

I want a book since a long time and it becomes available for some time but again when I try to borrow, someone else borrow it. If that can be solved anyhow. Or, if I get an alert when the book is available.

If automatically our courses books are listed, it will be easier to find the books and no time waste will be there.


Name - Shauna

Occupation - Undergraduate Student

Location - Dublin

Routine - Loves going to library, spends most of her college time in library. She regularly borrow books from library and use library PC to write her assignments and study.

Frustrations - As library gets crowded very easily, her biggest frustration is when she visits library and couldn't find a seat. She have been searching for a book since a long time but not able to borrow it.

Goals - To use library services more and more.

Needs - Finding a seat with a PC, finding the books in right time.


Experience design

As the library have both digital and physical aspect to its experience, the design should answer and solve both the experience issues. It should resolve the digital issues which involve the website such as  book search, room booking and physical issues such as occupancy problem.



Remote First click testing

A link with 7 first click tests were sent to 15 people to test newly features for cases like if users recognize the bell button as alert button, students discover and understand tagging etc.

Think Aloud Usability Testing

Gave small tasks to perform to 5 participants and recorded their activities to understand their usage behavior.

KPI to measure the UX success

How many feeds are posted?

How frequently feeds are up-voted?

How frequently feeds are commented?

How frequently students transfer the book to another student?

How frequently the Library occupancy is crossing its maximum limit and by what number?

How frequently the digital ID card is used to enter library?

How frequently students add tags to books?

How frequently students add alert to books?

How frequently students find their course books from the listing of books instead of searching manually?

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