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A Collection of my UI designs and Illustrations.

#1 - Custom Birthday Card

When It was my Manager's birthday whose name starts with G and he is like a Google to us as we keep asking him questions. So I designed this card to greet him Happy Birthday.

If you notice, I have disabled the "Ask Questions" button as I wanted to only wish him at that moment.

#2 - Splitwise UI for settled bills

When you settle a bill, you get the UI in the left. I designed a UI inspired by movie Bohemian Rhapsody which will be displayed once the bills are settled. This was a promotional design.

Tribute to Freddie Mercury.

#3 - Gofundme campaign Landing Page

This was an attempt to use behavioural economics principles on an UI like Anchoring effect.

In this UI, I displayed highest donation close to the "Donate Now" button to see if it can influence donation amount.

Also added a verified tag to show if it influence donation.

#4 - UCD ISchool landing page redesign

This UI was part of my Thesis during Masters where I conducted usability analysis on existing UI and redesigned it.

The main aim was to increase conversion - from visitors to students who check courses and enroll. It was aimed mostly to attract Indian students as they form the majority in enrolled classes.

#5 - Google lens integration with Maps

Visually Search using integrated google lens in Android camera app.

Some Illustrations

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