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Hummingbird defies the logic that it's wings are too small and weak for its body size and yet it flies and actually does it better than most.

It even inspired the creation of Helicopters.

Be like this agile & beautiful bird-

- Defy odds

- Stay Courageous 

- Be persistent

I am Pritish.


[p r ih t ee sh]

it's spelled like "British" but starts with a "P".
and yes my last name is "Panda"
as the animal - Panda.

I am a Product Manager at Blueface.

I have +6 years experience working in B2B/enterprise communication and banking/financial applications.

Previously I led UX and Product Design at Blueface and did Data Warehouse Testing (SQL) for Royal Bank of Scotland (Via Infosys Ltd, India) International Payments Division.

Click on the links below-

- More about me

- Blog on Product Management

- Design Work

- Résumé

-  Linkedin Profile


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