Support George Floyd’s family

To show support for his family, to cover funeral expenses, his children’s care and education, and expenses associated with future court proceedings as his family seek justice, you can learn more below.

The Bail Project

Combat mass incarceration and reshape the pretrial system in the US. 100% of donations are used to bring people home, and as bail money is returned to them when cases are closed.

Irish Network Against Racism 

The Irish Network Against Racism is a national network of anti-racism organisations which work collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland.

Irish Refugee Council

Support people seeking protection in Ireland.


Support Doras, an independent NGO working to protect the rights of migrants in Ireland

Immigrant Council of Ireland

An independent law centre working to provide assistance to people from a migrant background and protect their rights.

MERJ Ireland

Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ Ireland), an organisation of migrant women of colour actively campaigning for reproductive justice and for all and contributing to feminist discourse in Ireland.