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10 facts about me

  which you may not (or may) find in my resume. Also at the end of the list, find my resume.

I have a specially- abled brother. 

He was born with multiple disabilities which impaired his vision, cognitive growth and physical growth.

Growing up with him was a experience which helped me to shape my thoughts and approach problems in a very empathetic way.

As both of my parents were working, I used to take care of him after my school hours and that helped me gain a better knowledge of human behaviour and what hinders them from completing goals.

I love Cricket.

I led the high school cricket team.

During my High School, I led an underdog team with only 3 high school seniors and 8 high school juniors and led them to final of the inter school cricket tournament.


We lost the final match  by a small margin of 11 runs against a very formidable opponent but our team received lots of praise for a very high spirit performance.

I started out in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

But love of creative problem solving drove me towards User Experience Design.

I had an unusual beginning with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and I was deeply into Robotics and Designing hardware products for sustainable energy.

I was a member of Electronics Hobby Club, Renewable Energy Club and IEEE member.

Later I joined Infosys Ltd as Test Engineer with Royal bank of Scotland as my Client. After 2 years I realised it's not a job for me as it had no creative problem solving in it's scope.

I left the job and decided to pursue my true passion for User experience design.

I used to design, print and sell custom made T-Shirts

While working in Infosys, I designed T-Shirts for my colleagues for special  occasions like Valentines day or if anyone wanted something custom made.

On the left, I drew this image of Lord Shiva smoking Weed and printed it on White T shirts and it  had a very good demand among some of my colleagues who were enthusiasts of something . I sold many T-Shirts of this print.

UCD Scholarship Holder 

I received scholarship from UCD to pursue my Masters in Information Systems.

I love learning and always keep reading articles but I never liked studying for exams but did it somehow to make my parents feel proud (that's a pretty asian thing. Your parents won't accept you if you don't score well.) So, just to keep my parents happy I studied for exams and scored well enough to get scholarships.

I didn't like the theory of Electrical engineering and enjoyed the practical aspects like Robotics and lab works, still I managed to score well during exams and also during my TOEFL exam.

Once I redesigned an entire Travel Website in 2 Hours. 

I love rapid prototyping and iterating as fast as possible.

One of my best friends Carolina, who is a fantastic digital marketer, was once sitting in an airport with her clients and pitched the idea that their Site need a redesign and asked me if I can design something quickly.

Within 2 hours I designed the site and she was able to show the prototypes to her clients during their flight. The redesign was pretty well received.

I love Cooking.

I was once told in good humour - "I am with you because you make such awesome food."

I never entered kitchen during my childhood but have always seen both of my parents cooking together. My dad is surprisingly good at cooking.

When I started living on my own, I started cooking and soon started trying out different sort of dishes and feeding it to people around me.

I found a new passion - return from office and cook something nice for dinner.

On the left - Halloumi Cheese fried with onion, chilli and tomato by me.

Pizza Lover

If you Google search Il Capo Dublin, the first image you will see is an Pizza click taken by me.

On the left, the Il Capo pizza click which got that most views and helped Google provide authentic search result.

I am also a Google Local Guide and mostly write reviews about restaurants.

I Love Public Speaking.

But there was a time when I was scared to talk in front of a crowd.

Gradually I started facing crowd and speaking in front of them and now I totally enjoy it and delivered several design talks in Dublin.

I love interacting with the crowd.

I love traveling and Hiking.

I have taken sick leave only twice in my whole 4.3 years of Career and both time it was because of last minute travel plans.

Once to go to Belfast and Once to go to Kerry.

I love last minute travel plans, they are the best. Love the surprise when you are in a scenic spot instead of the planned day in office.

Bonus Point - My Resume

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