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Hello! I’m Pritish, a Product Manager with a background in design.
Over the last five years, I've discovered my niche: helping early-stage startups in building impactful and delightful B2B products. I work at             , a B2B gifting platform, where my mission is to create the best                                    on the Internet.
As a design practitioner,  I am passionate about crafting delightful  and intuitive                     . Previously, I led UX Design efforts at                 , a startup (acquired by Comcast), where I designed and shipped communication products for businesses.

I am based in                , the biking capital of Germany, I find joy in traveling. In the last 6 months, I visited 5 countries, including                 , the highest point in Germany, and                                      , the highest point in Europe.

If you are into the art of product management for startups and enjoy talking about design,                   

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